Comparison between ExpEYES-17 and ExpEYES Junior

The main drawback of EJ is the lack of variable frequency sine wave and the limited analog input range of +/-5V. The new version remedies along with other enhancements in sampling rate, buffer size etc. The increased hardware complexity also increases the cost of the unit, but both the versions are available.

Feature ExpEYES Junior ExpEYES-17
Analog Sampling Rate 250 ksps / 4chan 3 Msps/ 4chan
Analog Input Range +/- 5V fixed +/-500 mV to +/- 16V programmable
Waveform Generator fixed 150 Hz /3V sine wave Sine/Triangular 5Hz to 5kHz, 3V,1V.80mV
uC parameters PIC 8MHz, 2kB RAM PIC 64MHz, 32kB RAM
Analog Outputs 0 to 5V only -5V to +5V and - 3.3V to +3.3V
Connectors Screw terminals Spring loaded push connectors
I2C module support No Yes
Power Supply outputs No +5V/200mA and +/-6V/5mA