Experiments using ExpEYES-17

    The pages below are organized according to the pull down menus of the ExpEYES17 GUI program. The help files mainly contains wiring diagrams, photograph of experimental setup, screen shots of results and a brief description.

School Level Experiments


Half wave Rectifier Full wave Rectifier Diode Clipping Diode Clamping Diode Characteristics
Transistor Amplifier, CE Inverting Amplifier Non-inverting Amplifier Logic Gates Transistor Characteristics
Oscilloscope IC555 Oscillator Clock divider circuit

Electrical Circuits, study of LCR elements
RLC steady state response RLC transient response RC transient response RL transient response
RC circuits, XY plot Filter circuits Plot I-V curve Electromagnetic Induction

Sound:  velocity, beats etc.
Velocity of sound in Air Sound Beats Frequency response of Piezo buzzer

Mechanics, Thermal etc.
Distance by Echo (SR04) Gravity by pendulum Driven pendulum Angular velocity of pendulum
Cooling curve (PT100)

I2C Modules

Example Programs to access ExpEYES17