Inverting Amplifier

The schematic is wired as shown in the diagram below. Ri = 1k and Rf = 10k. The WG amplitude is set to 80 mV, you may try a 1 volt input to observe the clipping of the the output, since it exceeds the supply voltage of +/- 6 volts.

Wiring Diagram   Photograph of the experimental setup. Used OP07 (pin configuration of uA741)

Screen shot of the oscilloscope program showing inputs and output of an Inverting Amplifier. Gain is -10

Writing Python Code

This experiment can also be done by running this Python Code. The output of the program is shown below.
import eyes17.eyes
p =

from pylab import *

p.set_pv1(1.35) # will clip at 1.35 + diode drop
t,v, tt,vv = p.capture2(500, 20) # captures A1 and A2

xlabel('Time(mS)') ylabel('Voltage(V)')
plot([0,10], [0,0], 'black')

plot(t,v,linewidth = 2, color = 'blue')
plot(tt, vv, linewidth = 2, color = 'red')
Python program to capture and display A1 and A2 Output of the code