The Microhope Library

MicroHOPE does not have compiled libraries, we have provided include files to perform various tasks like writing to the LCD display, setting the timers etc. All the include files start with mh- . These files are meant for beginners to get started with using the features of the micro-controller. The users are encouraged to look at the C files and understand how the functions work. They are expected to grow beyond that and configure the peripherals by manipulating the special function registers directly. Directly configuring the peripherals would require referring to the ATMega32 data book, but would greatly increase the flexibility with which they can be used.

The include files are listed below:

mh-adc.c        mh-lcd.c       mh-timer2.c  mh-uart.c
mh-digital.c    mh-timer.c   mh-utils.c

Examples Directory as zip file