MicroHOPE Software

MicroHOPE uses avrgcc to compile the C code and avrdude to upload it to the micro-controller, available on both GNU/Linux and MSWindows platforms. A minimal text editor, that can invoke the compile and upload programs is our IDE.

For Debian/Ubuntu systems:

Already part of the software distribution. To install,

$ sudo apt-get install microhope

To copy the examples to a directory named 'microhope' inside your home directory run:
$ create-microhope-env

For other GNU/Linux Systems:

Download microhope.zip

$unzip microhope.zip

$cd microhope

$sudo python mh-ide.py      (To set non-root permissions,  $sudo sh postinst )

For MSWindows, visit http://www.expeyes.herobo.com/microhope.php