Experiments for Young Engineers and Scientists


     This web page contains information about ExpEYES, a hardware & software framework for developing science experiments, demonstrations and projects without getting in to the details of electronics or computer programming. It converts your PC into a science laboratory. Design of ExpEYES combines the real-time measurement capability of micro-controllers with the ease and flexibility  of Python programming language for data analysis and visualisation. It also functions as a test equipment for electronics hobbyists and engineering students. Software is distributed under GNU General Public License and the hardware designs are under CERN OHL.

The device was released by Jithin B P, under the name Seelab-Jr. Later on absorbed in to the PHOENIX project of IUAC under the name ExpEYES-17. Pages hosted by IUAC are HERE.

contact:  Georges Khaznadar (georges.khaznadar at free.fr)