Hardware Availability

ExpEYES is currently available from the following firms:

Shankar Systems
Plot 21, Gali 6/2, Block C,
Dechave Enclave,
Najafgarh, NEW DELHI-110043.
Ph:- 09810841403
email : shankarsystemsdelhi1997 at gmail.com
S2S2 Services
TV 33/268, Third Floor Elite Complex
Netaji Road, Kannur 670 001
Ph: 09447449107
email : s2s2service at gmail.com
S.V. Techno Crafts
86, J.D. Nagar, Patamata,
Ph:  09440978459
email : pur.svtc@gmail.com
Fab.to.Lab  (Order Online)
Bangalore – 560095
Ph: +91 8050032228/9
email: sales at fabtolab.com
Vibrant Systems and Softwares
1/4869H, 1st Floor Koyisco Building,
Wyanad Road, East Nadakkavu,
Ph: 9847193371.
email: vibsys_n_soft at yahoo.com
Sys-Con Engineering
53B Mirza Galib Street
Kolkata 700 016
Ph: 09830417377 , 033 40014680
email : sceskm at yahoo.com
United Kingdom
Phone : 01732590665
email: sales at pi-supply.com  
25 Northside Rd, Unit C
Ottawa, ON K2H 8S1

The development ExpEYES is done by Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi. Since the objective of PHOENIX project is to make the products available to maximum number of people, they  are kept royalty-free. The cost of expEYES is depends on the cost of raw materials, labour involved, and the sales overheads. The vendors have fixed the Maximum Retail Price considering the expenses and paperwork involved in securing orders and the delay in payments from institutions. However, they will offer discount when payment is done in advance so that individual buyers get it cheaper.

Currently ExpEYES Junior is available at  Rs. 2000/- and  MicroHOPE at Rs. 700/-

Reaching out to more People:
    ExpEYES is designed by IUAC and it is distributed royalty-free. The software is under GNU GPL and hardware is under CERN OHL Anybody interested in retailing / manufacture expEYES may contact us. In order ensure quality of the product and user support, the vendors need to meet the following conditions:

  1.     One sample piece has to be certified by IUAC for quality of material and workmanship.
  2.     The prototype approved by IUAC should be duplicated without changes
  3.     Vendor should inform IUAC about the sales so that we can keep track of the user community.

     Currently expEYES is available from several vendors. However, it would be convenient if it is available from a local store, especially for institution that cannot order online by making advance payment. One option is to ask some computer vendor in your locality to become a dealer of expEYES. They will be able to sell at the same price by getting commission from the manufacturers.

Ajith Kumar B P   ( bpajith at gmail.com )