Generate and Measure DC voltage

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ExpEYES has two programmable voltage sources (PV1 and PV2). They are like batteries but the voltage can be varied. This activity is to get familiar with the voltage sources.

A screenshot of the experiment is shown below.


Python program to set and measure DC voltages.

The circuit diagram

Think of PV1 as a battery having two terminals where one is conencted to the Ground. Similarly A1 as two terminal voltmeter where one terminal is connected to Ground. PV1 and A1 shares the same Ground. You may imagine a connection wire between all the points connected to the Ground symbol, they are connected together inside the device. When you measure the voltage at PV1 of one device using another one, the ground terminals of the two must be connected together. Also when you measure the voltage of a cell, one terminal of it should be connected to the Ground and the other to A1.
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