Software Installation

For quick installation select any of the following depending on your computer and operating system.

On Debian/Ubuntu:

The icon to start the ExpEYES-17 software should appear on the system. If something goes wrong, test the installation from a command terminal using the command:

On MSWindows

You can directly install the Android Version from Google Play store

Software Architecture

ExpEYES software has two parts. One part is the firmware written in C language running on the micro-controller inside the ExpEYES box. The software running on the PC is written in Python programming language. It should run on an system having a Python Interpreter and a USB port. ExpEYES has a USB to Serial converter IC (MCP2200) and it appears as a serial device on the system (a COM port on MSWindows. /dev/ttyACM on GNU/Linux). A communication library having a collecion of functions to access the various features of the hardware is called by the application programs.

Download the zip file and unzip it to your home directory.

This will ask for many modules like pytho3-serial, python3-numpy, python3-pyqtgraph etc. After installing all of them you will get the GUI Window

On GNU/Linux systems, the permission to access the USB port should be enabled. For that download this shell script and run it:

ExpEYES software distributed under GNU GPL can be downloaded from the Github repository.