On Debian/Ubuntu:

On Ubuntu, 16.04 or later,  download and install eyes17-4.0.2.deb using the command

$ sudo gdebi eyes17-4.0.2.deb

The PC should be connected to Internet during this, since eyes17 depends on other packages like python-serial, numpy, scypy,  PyQt and python-pyqtgraph. This will only install software for ExpEYES-17, not for earlier version.

For Ubuntu 18.04 and above

$ sudo apt install eyes17

Note: The version in the repository of ubuntu18.04 has a bug in the calibration loading. It is better to download eyes17-4.2.0 and do a

$ sudo gdebi eyes17-4.2.0

On Other GNU/Linux Distributions

Download eyes17.zip , unzip it and run

$ sudo python main.py

You need to install all the required python modules. To use the device as a normal user, download this file to set the USB permissions by running.

  $ sudo sh postinst.sh

On Raspberry Pi

Download  and install the deb file.

Running from a Live CD

Download the ISO image , that is a modified version of Ubuntu 16.04. MSWindows users may download the program rufus and use that to make a USB pendrive bootable with this ISO image. After making the bootable pendrive, shut down the PC, insert the pendrive and select the boot device while starting again. For PCs having Windows 8 or later may have UEFI and secure boot enabled in the BIOS. You need to disable secure boot and choose Legacy mode instead of UEFI, from the BIOS settings. The keys to press to enter BIOS depends on the brand of the PC you have (for HP it is ESC key, for Lenovo Fn+F2 and Fn+F12 to select the boot  device, more info HERE)

Installing on MS Windows

Bundled Installer : Download and install eyes17-setup installer, and launch eyes17 from the icon created on the desktop. This has been tested on Windows10.

Or, Install Python and the required modules to run the ExpEYES17 code

Since the programs are written in Python, the same source code works on GNU/Linux and Windows. However, it is much more difficult to gather all the installable files from Internet and get it working. All the required files can be downloaded from HERE, and the instructions are given HERE.

ExpEYES Junior

Software for expeyes junior is part of Ubuntu since version 14.04. You may install it by:

$ sudo apt-get install expeyes         ; or by using any GUI installers

For Ubuntu versions 10.04 to 12.10 you may use this deb file.

On Other GNU/Linux Distributions

Download eyes-junior.zip and do the following:

$unzip eyes-junior.zip

$ cd eyes-junior

$ sudo python croplus.py

To use the device as a normal user, download the file to set the USB permissions by running.

  $ sudo sh postinst.sh
Windows version of the EYES Junior program
A native Windows program is also available for expeyes junior. It includes the main oscilloscope application and several experiments. More details are HERE.